If BBSPINK is included in ID, she is a venus.2 (579レス)

1 ◆BBSPINKNNnJV 2011/08/28(日) 08:44:31 ID:gh5jAVNh(1)
A previus thread
If BBSPINK is included in ID, she is a venus.
Past log
IDにBBSPINKが出たら神 Part2
2 2011/08/29(月) 12:02:12 ID:???
oh shit
3 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/01(木) 06:45:38 ID:8HwFh8dh(1)
Good morning.
4 自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 07:27:13 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
5 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 12:06:14 ID:o36yX0Tc(1/3)
Good afternoon
6 ●jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 19:41:31 ID:???
Good evening..;)
7 ○ 忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 20:02:09 ID:o36yX0Tc(2/3)
Good evening Jim-san.
8 ● ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 20:03:45 ID:o36yX0Tc(3/3)
9 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 20:11:38 ID:???
Retry pass.
Good night Ero-san and BBSPINKAys-san.
10 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 20:12:58 ID:???
You can see that it is possible to post without ●。
11 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/01(木) 20:45:06 ID:q825gGnF(1)
LTNS. Thanks for work of >>1.
12 ● 忍法帖【Lv=7,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/02(金) 05:12:15 ID:lLBUID49(1/2)
Good morning Jim-san.
This POST is using MAMEMAKI.
13 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/02(金) 07:03:37 ID:YGXmFOrV(1/2)
Good morning.

14 【38.8m】 ● ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/02(金) 07:05:13 ID:YGXmFOrV(2/2)
15 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/02(金) 08:04:52 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san and Ero-san.
16 ● 忍法帖【Lv=8,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/02(金) 13:35:25 ID:lLBUID49(2/2)
Good afternoon.
17 ● 忍法帖【Lv=11,xxxPT】 小結 ◆/KOMU/uMio 2011/09/02(金) 14:41:29 ID:n6Iq5DH1(1)
 ( @ @)
 ( ∪▽∪<白怖じ屋さん、運金には来ないの?
18 【9.6m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/02(金) 21:12:25 ID:M6ArvBS8(1)
Good evening.

19 ● 忍法帖【Lv=12,xxxPT】 小結 ◆/KOMU/uMio 2011/09/03(土) 00:16:21 ID:pF/Qt7QQ(1)
 ( @ @)
 ( ∪▽∪<>>18Thank you so much.
20 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/03(土) 01:23:08 ID:rd3eFspL(1/2)
Good night.
21 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/03(土) 01:29:47 ID:A8ED2l14(1)
Good evening,
22 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/03(土) 07:20:48 ID:rd3eFspL(2/2)
Good morning ERO-san and Jim-san.
23 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/03(土) 10:06:12 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san and Ero-san.
24 忍法帖【Lv=9,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/03(土) 12:50:03 ID:FG5JAnuv(1)
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san Jim-san.
25 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 07:28:44 ID:FGV5OhyC(1/3)
Good morning ERO-san Jim-san.
Good night.
26 忍法帖【Lv=9,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/04(日) 07:31:14 ID:shHsoNNc(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
How are you today?
27 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/04(日) 11:06:28 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, and Ero-san.
28 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/04(日) 11:08:02 ID:???
I am looking for the hangover remedy now.
29 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 13:19:46 ID:FGV5OhyC(2/3)
>>26 Good afternoon ERO-san Jim-san.
Are you doing today.
I do not go out because of rain.
30 ● 【27.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 13:25:40 ID:FGV5OhyC(3/3)
31 【15.3m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/05(月) 02:30:36 ID:yjCc0VHf(1)
32 ● 【20.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/05(月) 07:39:22 ID:fjXTC/bi(1/2)
Good morning.
33 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/05(月) 07:51:55 ID:kVuRfgpb(1/2)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san Jim-san.
My place also rained yesterday.
34 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/05(月) 09:54:49 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, ◆3KemOnO.wI-san and Ero-san.
The Sun gets in my eyes.
35 ● 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/05(月) 12:08:48 ID:kVuRfgpb(2/2)
BBSPINKAys-san, What does the number of your name mean?
36 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【39.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/05(月) 21:32:24 ID:fjXTC/bi(2/2)
Good evening Jim-san Kemono-san and ERO-san.
The gold medal of Murofushi seems to be commemorative.
Input it into a name field with 'murofusisan'.
37 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/06(火) 07:03:47 ID:0YTqvl8k(1)
Good morning.
38 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/06(火) 09:59:05 ID:h3MaE6jR(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

Oh! Murofusi-san! I understand well.
Thank you for your kindness.
39 ! 【21.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:35:01 ID:cWF0550B(1/2)
Good morning all of you. I am sorry I have been very busy these last couple of days.
Oh the shot put is fantastic.
Let me try...")

40 【39.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:36:29 ID:cWF0550B(2/2)
One more toss please.
41 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:38:56 ID:???
Thank you for coaching me on that...:)
42 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:39:50 ID:???
Please try again, you are short...:P

43 【22.4m】 ● ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/07(水) 07:17:08 ID:03BlrlyX(1)
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san..
44 【47.4m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/07(水) 09:55:25 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san. It is a beautiful day.

45 【14.1m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/08(木) 02:01:40 ID:+etrn6sy(1)
I tried again. :>
46 【16.8m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/08(木) 02:02:02 ID:???
47 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【48.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/08(木) 06:56:19 ID:wT0v8+Yk(1)
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO-san and Jim-san.

Let's retry.
48 ● 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/08(木) 07:33:47 ID:54BoHp51(1/2)
Good morning 3KemOnO.wI-san, BBSPINKAys-san, and Jim-san.
49 ● 【21.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/08(木) 07:35:41 ID:54BoHp51(2/2)
I try.
50 2011/09/08(木) 08:09:30 ID:288T+EWu(1)
chinese hotel 86-755-26416666
51 【6m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/08(木) 14:57:36 ID:???
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Kemomo-san and Ero-san.

52 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【45m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/09(金) 07:19:12 ID:0fbRBuS2(1)
Good morning ERO-san, Kemoo-san and Jim-san.
53 ● 【28m】 忍法帖【Lv=11,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/09(金) 07:36:20 ID:MZSItPj3(1)
Good morning 3KemOnO.wI-san, BBSPINKAys-san and Jim-san.
54 【58.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 07:53:30 ID:???
Big toss!
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.
55 自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 07:54:51 ID:???
I think my shot put toss is farther when I am logged on to ●
56 【26.7m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 21:31:37 ID:???
Good night guys.
57 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【52.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/10(土) 06:58:34 ID:T8Sz8QKx(1)
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO=san and Jim-san.
58 【39.6m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/10(土) 08:17:42 ID:???
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO=san and BBSPINKAys-san.
Nice throw...:) Wow, you got over 50 meters.
59 【0.5m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/10(土) 10:18:56 ID:6XGpCpwQ(1)
Good morning.
60 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【19.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/11(日) 07:47:16 ID:KCPZRn9Z(1)
Good morning ERO-san,Kemono-san and Jim-san.
61 【23.3m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/11(日) 08:00:26 ID:???
Good morning Ero-san, Kemono-san, and BBSPINKAys-san.
62 ● 【22m】 忍法帖【Lv=12,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/11(日) 13:18:36 ID:3avDgQhI(1)
Good afternoon.
My nose does not stop running for several days. (´・ω・`)
63 ● 【36.2m】 忍法帖【Lv=13,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/12(月) 05:25:36 ID:AzynwxIH(1)
Good morning.
64 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【12.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/12(月) 07:41:00 ID:mdu9D0y0(1)
Good morning ERO-san.
65 【39.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/12(月) 16:12:45 ID:???
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.
It sure is hot today. My thermometer says 38.
66 【47.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/12(月) 19:26:37 ID:???
Good night guys.
67 ● 【32.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=14,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/13(火) 07:08:58 ID:2/3siop1(1)
Good morning.
68 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/13(火) 07:36:24 ID:DvFZcLWB(1)
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
Today's expected highest temperature, 33 celsius.
69 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/13(火) 07:58:50 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san. That is a good
70 【11.9m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/14(水) 07:50:18 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.
71 ● 【23.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=14,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/14(水) 08:27:40 ID:cVS2thGz(1)
Good morning Jim-san. How are you today?
72 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【32.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/14(水) 13:14:29 ID:RcIdwSgO(1)
Good afternoon Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
My room temperature is 31 celsius.
73 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/15(木) 07:01:22 ID:rAN1+BiI(1)
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
74 ●jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/15(木) 07:12:46 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.
75 【7.6m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/15(木) 20:52:45 ID:hCt1Ww1z(1)
Good evening.
76 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/16(金) 07:44:24 ID:srzvEnyS(1)
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
77 ● 【28.7m】 忍法帖【Lv=15,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/16(金) 11:50:00 ID:+/bYbfMc(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
78 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【23.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/17(土) 01:29:06 ID:XknXcbq9(1/2)
Good night ERO-san.
79 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【40.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/17(土) 07:12:23 ID:XknXcbq9(2/2)
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
80 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/17(土) 08:36:08 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.

81 ● 【26.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=19,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/17(土) 10:27:19 ID:L2NMOYOI(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
82 ● 【32.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=20,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/17(土) 22:52:34 ID:???
Good evening.
83 ● 【37m】 忍法帖【Lv=21,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/18(日) 07:46:10 ID:DN6ERTqN(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
84 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【31.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/18(日) 07:55:16 ID:jV7uhCyW(1)
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
85 ● 【28.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=21,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/19(月) 07:36:19 ID:dgnhZyyY(1)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

I heard the sound of explosion before about 20 minutes.
Then, the electric current was cut off.
Because the private power generation worked my Condo,
although electricity returned, I do not understand what happened.
86 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【9.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/19(月) 08:20:42 ID:l7As8vK9(1)
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

What would happen.
It is terrible.
87 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【42m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/20(火) 07:00:17 ID:CstLjELT(1)
Good morning Jim-san, Kemono-san and ERO-san.
88 【22.2m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/20(火) 10:04:57 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san. I am feeling better
today. The dripping boils from the gods, have dried leaving only marks for
punishment of my black soul.
89 【36.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/20(火) 10:07:36 ID:???
Maybe a toss with ● logged in will make me feel better.
90 ● 【21.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=22,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 11:15:32 ID:Q/Rn5VV6(1/4)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

I investigated the sound of yesterday's explosion.
However, I had no results.
91 ● 【50.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=23,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 23:40:10 ID:Q/Rn5VV6(2/4)
Good evening guys.
92 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 23:41:59 ID:Q/Rn5VV6(3/4)
Try again.
93 ● 【36.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=24,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/21(水) 05:03:27 ID:W/VCGGB+(1)
Good morning.
94 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【2.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/21(水) 07:55:26 ID:leT2uqPq(1)
Good morning kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
Good night.
95 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【43.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/22(木) 07:22:01 ID:6PHOTZIB(1)
Good morning.
96 ● 【49.5m】 忍法帖【Lv=25,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/22(木) 09:30:14 ID:gxqmv7/O(1/2)
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
97 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/22(木) 11:09:35 ID:gxqmv7/O(2/2)
Good morning.
98 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/23(金) 06:56:35 ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.
99 ● 【42.7m】 忍法帖【Lv=26,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/23(金) 07:20:38 ID:YmY8Vxpu(1/2)
Good morning Jim-san.
100 (ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【26.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/23(金) 08:02:07 ID:Krpb5TzM(1)
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san.
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